Dr. Kam on Chiropractic Care Vs. Medical Care

  • Are chiros real docs? – Yes. That’s what we are recognized as by the state. We have very similar scientific and educational backgrounds, but we’re treating completely differently.
  • Why aren’t you an MD? Chiropractors have completely different standard of care. We find the ROOT of pain, and don’t just treat the Symptoms.
  • Why aren’t chiros allowed to prescribe medication? We believe in conservative care that is not invasive or addictive. People need to wake up and see the damage that Big-Pharma has done to our communities. With skyrocketing rates of prescription medication and opioids, individuals are doing much more harm than good for their health. Medications such as tylenol and ibuprofen have also been reflexively used and often abused. There is a more holistic and natural answer to pain and dysfunction and that is “alternative health-care” (which should be THE primary health care because it is preventative & preventative medicine should be emphasized a lot more)
  • There is certainly a time and a place for medical interventions such as surgery and medications. And that’s when someone has neglected their health and well-being for much too long – to the point where lifestyle changes and preventative medicine cannot do enough to reverse the years and years of damage done from poor diet, lack of exercise, and lack of preventative care.

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