What’s Hot Magazine – Ithaca Health and Wellness

Dr. Kam wrote an article that was accepted by Ithaca & Cortland’s “What’s HOT” magazine for their July edition. Here’s what the article says:

The hottest thing in medicine right now is alternative & holistic care. On May 1st, Dr. Kamran Mirshahi and Megan Bell Mirshahi moved to Ithaca and opened up their health clinic in the South Hill Business Campus, which is located at 950 Danby Rd, Suite 103B, Ithaca , NY, 14850. 

Dr. Kam is a Canadian chiropractor who used to be an athletic therapist. He is passionate about treating athletes and families in the Ithaca community. He also teaches anatomy and neuroscience part-time at Ithaca College. Megan will be joining Ithaca Health and Wellness to provide acupuncture services and chinese herbal medicines.

Their goal? To serve and educate the community on preventative and holistic health care. “We are conservative caregivers and do not encourage surgery and medications, unless it is absolutely necessary. People have been brainwashed and misinformed about pills and surgery and it’s time to break the corporate pharmaceutical wheel.  Drugs and surgery are the MOST invasive interventions and have been reflexively used and often abused.” By targeting the root of the problem and addressing the entire human body, Kam & Meg believe that holistic preventative care is the healthcare of the future.

You don’t change your oil or brush your teeth once in order to maintain longevity, so you cant be treated once and expect to hold the results forever. The human body is under constant repetitive stress all day every day and can’t be fixed in a single visit. It often takes a long time to develop dysfunctions, so it will likely take multiple treatments to reinforce, re-integrate and prevent further harm. Invest in your health now and save a lot in the long term.

Dr. Kam and Meg are eager to help and can be contacted at (607) 218-2639 or at ithacahealthandwellness@gmail.com. You can also visit their website at ithacahealthandwellness.com to learn more or schedule an appointment online.

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