Some exciting news on the acupuncture side of things…

                Hello again everyone! Megan here with a little announcement… On Saturday, I “preliminarily” passed my Acupuncture with Points Location board exam… which means I have completed everything I need for New York State licensure!! Now just waiting for my scores to be confirmed by NCCAOM, at which point I can have them sent to NYS and become licensed. The past few days have felt sort of surreal. I look forward to going back to Pittsburgh this weekend to see my mom, brother, and grandma, and to celebrate my brother’s birthday. This is all to say: I am extremely excited to soon be able to open my availability to new acupuncture and Chinese medicine patients! We should know by the beginning of August, but I should have multiple days and times available during the last two weeks of August. Our Facebook and Instagram will be updated with my new hours as soon as I can confirm these. Words cannot convey my excitement! Can I please just show you my new, ever-so-slightly premature business card (LOOK I KNOW IT’S PREMATURE BUT I’M NOT GIVING IT OUT YET BB-BUT LOOK AT IT GUYS I LOVE IT)…!!!

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