Strong Legs

Dr. Kam here to talk to you about High intensity interval training (HIIT) and the benefits of strength training your legs! The benefits are comparable to resistance training and endurance training combined. They are anaerobic and aerobic and focus on explosiveness and performing at 95-100% intensity. Personally I think the easiest and most fun way to do highly effective HIIT is through circuits and plyometrics.

Megan and I did high jumps as part of our circuit: single and double leg jump squats, with and without weights at varying heights. We also did leg press, squats, stability and core as part of the circuit. Other really good options you may want to include are lunges, mountain climbers, and bear-, crab-, & duck-walking. Anyways, our legs have never felt stronger!!

Strength training is most important in your legs because lower leg muscle mass is more of an indicator of longevity and health than overall muscle mass. So don’t skip leg day, folks. Skip arm day and double up on leg day!

Check out this article on leg strength and mortality rate:
“For anyone trying to live as long as possible and make the most of those years, there are three things to learn from these studies:

1. The stronger you are today, the longer you’re likely to live in the future.

2. Strength in your legs is likely a bigger predictor of future health than the amount of muscle you have overall.

3. Consuming an adequate amount of protein is key to maintaining your muscle and strength as you get older. You don’t want to consume too much protein, but you can give your body a boost on muscle retention by switching out the carbs for an extra serving of chicken or turkey whenever possible.”

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