Facial Rejuvenation Special Offer

Miao miao! 🐱
 I always say DON’T FEAR THE NEEDLE! Here’s why—

Acupuncture needles used in Western practice today are sterile, single-use filiform needles– meaning they aren’t hollow and instead of cutting the skin like beveled needles, they spread the tissue. They are more comparable in size (thickness/diameter) to a cat’s whisker than to needles used in any other medical procedure.

I will be offering a fabulous special over the next couple months for FACIAL REJUVENATION treatments. Do you want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles without impairing your ability to express emotion…? 🙅 Chinese medicine can help you, and while we work on cosmetic concerns, we will simultaneously be promoting systemic healing.

Have Botox injections ever helped your digestion, sleep, and overall energy? 😉 You will be amazed at the other health benefits you experience as a result of your cosmetic treatment.

📣📣 I am working to build a visual portfolio of skin changes over time, so get in touch with me ASAP to be a part of this limited time offer. I guarantee you won’t be able to find this service for a comparable price. Don’t sleep on it. 📣📣
As always, e-mail, call, or text me with any questions! (607)-218-2639


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