COVID-19 and Temporary Clinic Closure

Hi everyone.

As many of you know, Kamran and I were out of town the past week and half. Since we spent time in public places in Los Angeles, we are now self-isolating as much as possible and encourage you to isolate as much as possible.

Despite not presenting with any symptoms thus far, in the interest of public safety we have chosen to close our clinic until April 1st. If you have an appointment scheduled between now and then, we will be in touch with you to reschedule if you have not already been contacted.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the virus or how viral disease spreads. There is a lot of false information circulating on social media right now, and we consider patient education an essential component of what we do.

There are TWO strains of this particular virus, which is why it is possible to get “reinfected.” This makes social distancing particularly important. As of today, according to the CDC, Washington state and New York state have the most reported cases of COVID-19.

Please stay safe during this time of uncertainty. If you are of generally good health, please consider yourself a potential carrier of the virus and change your behavior to avoid transmitting the disease to others. You never know who around you has compromised immunity.

Take a deep breath. Try to get outside as much as possible and look away from your screens. We must cooperate to get through this.


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