Let’s talk about periods.

Maybe you’ve been living with menstrual pain for a long time, ever since your first period. Maybe it feels like professionals you’ve spoken with treat your pain as “normal,” or are not sure what to offer you beyond pain medication or hormonal birth control.

Period pain should not be debilitating. It should not make you vomit. It should not be so painful that it makes you cry.

I can tell you that acupuncture and Chinese medicine are exceptionally effective in treating menstrual pain and cycles that are prolonged (over 32 days between periods), shortened (under 26 days between periods), or all-around irregular.

I highly recommend that anyone with a uterus use a period tracking app on their phone, if possible, to help you get a bigger picture of what is happening across multiple months. Even if you do not have painful symptoms, tracking will make you more prepared to get your period and will give you an estimated window of ovulation. Being aware of your ovulation window empowers you to make more conscious decisions about getting pregnant or not getting pregnant. (Keep in mind, it takes multiple months of tracking to get a reliable ovulation window prediction.)

Globally, not enough concern is given to health surrounding menstruation and those who speak out about the subject may be silenced, even in academic settings.

If you have all but given up and feel like you have to live with a high level of pain at least once a month, please consider acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I would be happy to answer any of your questions, and if you’re not local to #Ithaca or #TompkinsCounty, I will help you find a practitioner in your area who can work with you to greatly improve your quality of life.

Megan Bell Mirshahi, L.Ac., MSACM

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