Our Services

Chiropractic Services

  • New Patient Full Evaluation
    • 40-60 minutes/$120. Dr. Kamran will collect a comprehensive medical history, perform a full orthopaedic & neurological evaluation, gait, posture, and muscle testing. Based on his findings, he will choose varying techniques such as soft tissue and fascial massage, chiropractic adjustments, and joint mobilization.

  • Chiropractic Return Visit
    • 15-20 minutes/$60. May consist of muscle testing, gait & posture assessments, joint mobilizations and chiropractic adjustments.

  • Soft Tissue Return Visit
  • 30 minutes/$60. Treatment dedicated specifically to fascial & soft tissue massage.

  • Pediatric Treatment
    • 10-15 minutes/$30. A great way to introduce children to non-invasive, preventative care.

Chinese Medicine Services

Book an Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Appointment

  • Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Initial Intake
    • 60-90 minutes/$120.
      Megan performs an extended interview and reviews all systems to develop a better picture of the root of your chief concern(s). Together we create a comprehensive narrative of your medical history, physical constitution, and lifestyle. Following this first interview, you will receive your first treatment, which typically consists of 25-30 minutes of needle retention and 5-10 minutes of bodywork (Chinese medical massage, cupping, or other manual techniques). Chinese medicine (herbal therapy) options may also be discussed if appropriate (at no extra cost).
  • Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Return Visit
    • 45-60-minute return visit/$70.
      Interview, palpation examination, and full treatment.
      This may include acupuncture, tuina (Chinese massage), herbal therapy, Eastern dietary therapy, qigong/movement recommendations, cupping, guasha, and other therapeutic techniques deemed appropriate for how you’re feeling on that day.
  • Tui Na/Bodywork Session
    • 30-40 minutes/$50.
      Needle-free treatment! These shorter, 40-minute appointments consist of a brief interview, followed by manual therapies such as tuina, cupping, and guasha. We may incorporate topical liniments, massage oils, and other herbal external applications as is appropriate for your case.
  • Herbal Therapy ONLY (Internal Medicine) Initial Intake
    • 40-60 minutes/$100.
      Megan performs an initial, extended interview for your first herb consultation. We review all systems via listening, observation, and palpation, while going through your medical history. Megan outlines a proposed course of treatment for your condition. (It is not necessary to schedule this intake if you have already received an acupuncture initial intake.) Price of appointment does not include cost of herbs.
  • Herbal Therapy ONLY (Internal Medicine) Return Visit
    • 20-40 minutes/$60.
      Price of appointment does not include cost of herbs.